What a Time to Be Alive

Well, this fucking sucks.  But we’re gonna get through it together! All shows are effectively cancelled and I for one, am looking forward to putting on my quarantine 15.  I’ll be doing a livestream every Saturday night at 8PM EST on Instagram (I know, I’m not thrilled with this either).  For 10 minutes, anyone can jump in.  I don’t have to know you, you don’t have to be funny, but let’s just talk for 10 minutes before I bring in the next “guest.” I’m pretty scared, and if you’re not, well, tell me about it on Saturday.  Shoot me a follow at @maxfine_ and let’s try and have a good time!



For the love of god, send nudes.


Oh my god. You’re here. I’m so sorry I didn’t clean up, it’s usually much nicer than this. Top left will give you the menu. Top right will feed you to my social stuff. I’m banned from twitter because my roommate is a bad person.