Known cool guy, Max Fine, is a comedian from Atlanta, GA, currently accepting hate mail in Brooklyn, New York. Highly praised for his colorful storytelling, Max taps into his own personal experiences for laughs.  He performs all over the country and was once asked to leave the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He has never taken acid but probably won’t say no if you offer it.  Max is currently mansplaining Seinfeld theories to his roommate, David.

Limestone Comedy Festival 2021

Cola Comedy Con 2019

Let’s Fest 2017

Cincy Brew Ha Ha 2017

Houston Whateverfest 2017

Sioux Falls Snojam 2017

Orlando Indie Comedy Festival 2017

Laughing Skull Comedy Festival 2016

Arch City Comedy Festival 2015, 2016

photo by Brick Kyle

Twitter: @maxfine_

Instagram: @maxfine_

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