Dam Boys

Last night wrapped up my run of the south with Denver debonair, Dave Losso.  Dave is hilarious and one of the most consistent comics I’ve ever seen, please go look him up if you don’t already know him.

To say this run was trying would be an understatement.  Dave was a treat to travel with, but this was my first time leaving Atlanta sober.  Oh yeah, I got sober, y’all.  I had been to a few of these cities before, but never without a drink in my hand.  Essentially, this meant that the highs weren’t as high, and the lows were lower than I could’ve imagined.

For those of that don’t know me, I’m a fun drunk, until I’m not.  I’ve spent the better part of the last decade in a haze, which is pretty wild considering I’m only 24 years old.  I can’t remember the last three years and that started to terrify me.  I started comedy drunk and was nervous about how being sober would affect my confidence on and off stage.  I’m pretty nervous around other people, and I know that that seems to be a trope a lot of creative types use to justify being the weird guy at a party, but it’s totally true.  Alcohol (among other things) was kind of my ticket into being a cool guy. The last time I was in Nashville, I had to leave my friend’s girlfriend’s apartment to drink myself to sleep just so i could comfortably exist in the space.

As it turns out, I’m much more comfortable on stage in cities that I don’t live in than I am my own.  That may be another post for another time, but for the first time in my life, I’m truly grateful. I should’ve had gratitude previous to this, but I can be pretty self centered and forget how amazing it is that I get to do what I love almost every night.  Some shows were flat out bad, some were unbelievably perfect.  Regardless, I don’t think I can ever take for granted the fact that I was able to do stand up comedy to mostly people that have never seen me before and that’s really cool.

Additionally, I got to show Dave Fuck Party, which some of you know has been the baby I’ve been incubating out of my living room over the last year.  As we’re all moving out of the house, Fuck Party is moving as well.  It was such a treat to cultivate what I think was the most consistently great house show in Atlanta.  I was excited to bring back Old Sea Brigade to close it out, just like the first time we did the show, and it was a ton of fun.  I’m very excited to say that the show will live on as Michael Rowland and I find other people’s houses to welcome neighbors in for free booze and comedy. If you’re reading this, we’d love to have you on August 13th for comedy’s Ron Babcock (will post details sooner to the date).

I’ll be back on the road again in October hitting a few cities in the Midwest before prepping for my long tour in November with one of the first people I ever got to meet in comedy, Yedoye Travis.  Yedoye is hilarious and once watched 50 Shades of Grey with my mom.  He’ll also be on Hulu this month.

Thank you to everyone who’s ever come out to a show that I’ve been on, or even if you haven’t but still found a way to support live comedy.  I love you.

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